A little about me…

Originally from Australia, I spent an amazing six years in Hong Kong and currently enjoying life in New York!

I’m a registered health coach and I practice a non-diet approach and balanced eating. I’m currently pursuing a degree in nutrition, and soon to be an associate nutritionist. I consider myself to be a realist in the sometimes fake world of wellness. I don’t subscribe to detoxes, cleanses, fad diets or magic pills. Instead, through my studies, I have grown an understanding of just how efficient and amazing our bodies really are. As a coach, I focus on behaviour change, wellbeing management and building nutritious dietary habits that are sustainable for life. My approach is founded on a growing, formal education in nutrition and I incorporate evidence based practices into my coaching programs.

I’m a firm believer that wellbeing should be flexible and realistic, that everyone’s picture of health is different and unique. I aim to break down the diet culture and just stress a little less about food and enjoy life a little more.

Registered Health Coach
Studying Bachelor of Food & Nutrition

Certified in Behaviour Change & Wellbeing Management
Certified in Mental Health First Aid
CPD Intuitive Eating & Non-diet Approaches in Practice

You can read more about my body journey here, and more about my career journey here.