Food and Health Coach

Non-diet approach and balanced eating


“Let’s take away the stress around food, diet, body image, and focus instead on making sustainable, realistic change.”

Are you struggling with diet cycling, have a negative relationship with food or your body? Are you tired of counting calories, cutting out food groups or overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice out there? 

I offer flexible and realistic coaching with a focus on a non-diet approach and balanced eating. I firmly believe in your body’s ability to eat intuitively, for it to work for you and to reach health focused goals that are sustainable for the future. My approach is founded on a formal education in nutrition and I incorporate evidence based practices into my coaching programs.

As your coach I WILL NOT…

  • Put you on a diet 

  • Put you on a “detox or cleanse”

  • Count calories

  • Prescribe a magic pill

  • Rely on supplements or expensive products

  • Cut out food groups or restrict your dietary choices

What WE WILL do together...

  • Build and break habits

  • Sustainable weight maintenance

  • Achieve health focused goals 

  • Develop healthy behaviours 

  • Build your self-efficacy 

  • Incorporate fitness and life balance

I’ll work closely with you to develop healthy habits, and through mindful behaviour change, build a positive relationship with food and your body. Together we’ll unpack your diet history and design a nutritious dietary pattern that’s realistic for you and your lifestyle.

“I worked with Labrini to help guide me through healthy habits through times of stress. Her guidance and coaching was thorough and realistic and helped me press the rest button with my health. She has a great ability to intertwine health and wellbeing into someones everyday life. She is a great listener as well as constructive and honest feedback. I would recommend working with Labrini to anyone trying to seek a higher quality of life from a holistic perspective.”

Dee | Melbourne

“This is exactly what I needed! I was not feeling great about myself and Labrini really helped me change my mindset and assisted in setting a routine for me that worked around my schedule. She made me realize that everyone’s body is different and she helped me hone in on taking the necessary steps to make myself feel good again. I also now understand that going through a nutrition coach is not about being on a diet, it’s about what’s good for me and my body. Thanks so much Labrini!”

Niki | Hong Kong


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